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Ursela Camille


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Ursela Camille is an Inspirational Hip Hop artist, lyricist, songwriter and spoken word artist. As a native of Raleigh NC, Ursela Camille embarked on her music career in Urban Gospel with the group B-U in 2005. Her music connects with those who seek direction in life, love and living as she goes beyond the surface. Ursela Camilles motto is, Music is a Vehicle for My Voice.

In 2017, Ursela Camilles White Label The Mixtape with collaborations from various Christian Rap and Inspirational Hip Hop artists, will be released by B-U MUSIC, INC. White Label The Mixtape will introduce the listeners to a sample of the diversity of Ursela Camille as she delivers over dark tracks, a message of light. Other 2017 projects to be released by B-U MUSIC, INC. for Ursela Camille will include Its My Time as a single, formerly from the B-U CD Tell Me The Truth. Its My Time will connect with the everyday woman, wife, mother, sister, etc., empowering, encouraging and connecting as a vehicle for their voice. Also in 2018, her solo project The Book of Ursela Camille will be released.

Ursela Camille has toured as a member of the duo Christian Rap group B-U in France, Italy, Germany, and the Bahamas and has performed in various cities in North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and Florida. Also as a part of the group B-U, awards received were Rhythm of Gospel Holy Hip Hop Song of the Year for Righteous Know Why, Holy Hip Hop Group of the Year in 2010 and Gospel Announcers Guild Prestige Award for Holy Hip Hop Group of the Year in 2008.

Ursela Camilles solo projects will propel her into the supply and demand module. The message in her music will feed the need of the listeners who have a love for hip hop and are open to a message with a different approach. Her understanding of the value of the voice being heard will connect her as an artist to the audience. Prepare to receive the uniqueness of Ursela Camille, as she sheds light through her sound from a different direction, using music as a vehicle for her voice.


Ursela Camille